Materials, or When Your Inspiration Takes Shape

When you choose to work with ArmoBen Kitchens for your kitchen project, you gain access to the latest innovations on the market. Our Designers are familiar with the various products and materials available on the market and can present you with a concept inspired by the latest kitchen decor trends.

Here are various materials for your kitchen renovation project!

Lacquered Wood and MDF

The quintessential noble material, solid wood, brings elegance and prestige to any kitchen cabinet or bathroom furniture. With the grain of the wood, the texture unique to each species, and the many shades available, you will be spoilt for choice.

Whether you opt for maple, oak, cherry, walnut, or even more exotic species such as mahogany, ebony, or bamboo, you will get kitchen cabinets and bathroom furniture with a unique, timeless look, easy to clean, and of exemplary resistance.

Kitchen Cabinets in MDF

MDF, a wood derivative, is created by binding wood fibres with thermosetting glues, offering remarkable long-term stability. It has a uniform coloration, a smooth finish, and is easy to maintain. Available in a wide choice of colours, MDF suits all layouts style.


Composed of a polymer surface applied to a wood fibre panel, polymer cabinets offer many patterns, colours, and finishes. Thus, You can create a unique look for your kitchen or bathroom.

If you appreciate the appearance of solid wood but not the required investment, or if you are looking for “your” colour, the polymer is ideal. Thermoplastic cabinets can have a textured or glossy finish without cut marks or roughness.


Thanks to recent innovations in the manufacturing process, melamine has improved in quality over the years while maintaining its versatility and affordable cost. Available in many colours and finishes, it offers surfaces that are extremely easy and quick to maintain.

This material is ideal for young families looking for beauty capable of withstanding the worst weather conditions.


The polyester door is available in several models and colours. This material offers a nice imitation of wood.

Kitchen cabinet doors are typically made in a five-piece assembly that harmoniously matches melamine. This type of door comprises an MDF moulding covered with polyester and a center in melamine.

ArmoBen Kitchens, Always Keeping Up with Trends


One of the most popular materials for manufacturing kitchen countertops due to its excellent value for money, laminate opens up a whole world of possibilities. Laminate is available in a wide selection of colours, patterns, and finishes: textured, matte, or glossy.

Bring your vision of beauty and functionality to life with a laminate kitchen countertop.

Dekton by Cosentino

Dekton is a sophisticated blend of raw materials used to manufacture the latest generation of glass and porcelain and high-quality quartz.

Dekton resists high temperatures without burning, scorching, or cracking. Hot pots or appliances such as slow cookers can be placed directly on the Dekton surface without fear. While other surfaces resist stains, Dekton is completely stain-resistant.

You can easily remove stubborn stains like wine, coffee, marker traces, or rust. The very low porosity of Dekton and the absence of resins allow this surface to also resist chemicals.


Another very scratch and abrasion-resistant natural stone, quartz is distinguished by its uniform color. It is the high-end material par excellence for anyone looking for a more streamlined look.

Non-porous and very durable, quartz is easy to maintain. ArmoBen Kitchens currently distributes Cambria, Ceasarstone, Silestone, Vicostone, Hanstone, and Technistone products.


Granite is a hard and resistant natural stone that is polished. It comes in several variations of textures, colors, and veining. Very resistant to heat, abrasions, scratches, water, and easy to maintain, it represents a first choice option for your new kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity countertop.

However, granite will require a sealant as it becomes porous over time.

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